Customized Coating Solutions For Chemical Tanks.

At Al Porter Commercial Painting, Inc., we offer tailored coating solutions for chemical tanks based on their contents. If the tank contains gas or diesel fuel then a hard-wearing urethane enamel is ideal; however if more corrosive materials are present, our two part system offers superior protection against damage from chemicals. We understand each project is different so have access to dozens of quality products and will always propose one that best fits your needs – leaving no stone unturned in order to ensure you get maximum value for money throughout every stage: right through from supplying specifications all the way down to finishing touches as standard.

We offer a range of systems to suit your needs, from a simple one-coat system for a garage or shop, to more complex options for offices or retail spaces. Choose from a variety of color flecks, clear coats, and non-slip aggregates to customize your floor coating.

If you are looking for a quality sealer without the expense of epoxy or urethane, we also offer a clean and efficient solution. Our two-coat concrete stain creates a finish that looks just like regular paint, perfect for a range of applications.

Trust us for a lasting and beautiful high performance floor coating solution that suits your needs. Contact us today to get started!

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